I have high blood pressure - and this formula worked to bring it down. I started a rise in BP after gaining 20 pounds! The negatives of other reviews may be because GNC has/had another (older) formulation under the same name, but I tried that too, and it is far less effective. This new formulation definitely brings down my BP without prescription drugs.

Another tip I found effective: if your BP gets too high, putting your feet in hot water for 20 minutes or so will also bring your BP down. (There are YouTube videos extolling the effectiveness of a hot water soak for feet to bring BP down in an emergency, because a foot soak is hardly convenient.

Losing weight and implementing regular exercise is probably the long term cure. Meanwhile I keep, "Healthy Blood Pressure" capsules nearby. Works for me. I believe it may be a life saver.

我有高血压 - 这个公式有助于减少。 获得20磅的BP后,我开始崛起! 其他审查的否定可能是因为GNC已经/拥有?#36865;?#19968;个名字的另一个(较旧的)表述,但我也尝试过,效果远远不及。 这?#20013;?#21046;剂肯定会使我的BP无需处方药。

另一个提示我发现有效:如果您的血压过高,将脚放在热水中20?#31181;?#24038;右,也会使您的血压下降。 (有YouTube视频欣赏热水浸泡?#30007;?#26524;,使BP陷入紧急情况,因为脚浸没几乎不方便。

减肥和实施定期运动可能是长期治疗。 同时我保留附近的“健康血压”胶囊。 为我工作 我相信这可能是救命的。

I have suffered from pre-hypertension for a long time, and it has made my daily routine horrible! I would wake up with a heated chest.... I would have a heated chest at work which would leave me feeling angry much of the time. This pill! It instantly just cools my core down. I'm on my third day taking it and I feel like I got my life back. I feel calm... I feel collective... I feel normal! Thank you, GNC!

我患有高血压病已经很久了,这使我的日常生活变得非常可怕! 我会用一个温暖?#30007;?#37096;醒来....我会在工作中有一个温暖?#30007;?#37096;,这?#23835;?#25105;感到生气很多时候。 这药! 它立即将我的核心冷却下来。 我在我的第三天服用它,我觉得我的生活恢复了。 我感到平静...我觉得集体...我感觉很正常! 谢谢GNC!

I had been looking for a natural product to replace the pharmaceutical medications I had been taking and their terrible side effects.This product works great and combined with excercise keeps my BP in a healthy range.Awesome ingredients and terrific value- you could practically spend as much for the Co-Q10 alone with some brands.Using my Gold card and taking advantage of occasional BOGO's and specials helps as well. Oh.. I have heart disease so controlling my BP is not optional for me. Great Product.

我一直在寻找一种天然产?#38450;?#20195;替我一直在服用的药物及其可怕的副作用。该产品运行良好,并结合锻炼使我的BP保持在一个健康的范围。成分和极好的价值 - 你几乎可以花费 对于单独使用的Q-Q10来说,一些品牌。使用我的金卡并利用偶尔的BOGO和特殊功能也有帮助。 哦,我有?#33041;?#30149;,所以控制我的BP是不可选的。 伟大的产品。

My blood pressure used to be 140-160 systolic and 100-110 diastolic. I am only 29 years old and about 170lbs. I changed my diet and began exercising about 45 minutes a day 5-6 days a week for about 3 months. My blood pressure improved a bit, but still not within the normal range. I started taking the Megamen's One a Day, Flax Seed Oil, Fish Oil, Standardized Hawthorn Berry extract, and GNC Preventive Nutrition Healthy Blood Pressure. About a week and half in of taking those vitamins and supplements (still exercising) blood pressure is 115-125 systolic and 75-85 diastolic. So something works, hard to pin point what product did the most.

我的血压曾经是140-160收缩期和100-110舒张。 我只有29岁,约170磅。 我改变了饮食习惯,每周5-6天开始锻炼约45?#31181;?#32422;3个月。 我的血压有所改善,但仍然不在正常范围内。 我开始服用Megamen一天,亚麻籽油,鱼油,标准山楂浆果提取物和GNC预防性营养健康血压。 大?#23478;?#20010;半星期服用维生素和补充剂(仍然锻炼)血压是115-125收缩压和舒张压75-85。 所以有什么工作,很难指出什么产品做的最多。

I take three times a day for mild high blood pressure. This product along with a few others from gnc have brought my blood pressure back to normal levels without prescription medication.

我每天服用三次轻度高血压。 该产品以及来自gnc的其他一些产品使我的血压恢复到正常水平,无需处方药。

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