My husband and I decided to do our first full body cleanse and we picked the 7 day one. It didn't seem to work for him but it really worked for me. The first day however I didn't feel to good, I hardly ate and my mouth kept watering like I was going to throw up. I think it was my body just getting use to the pills. I'm fine now. Let's just say it seems to definitely be hitting me and working for me. However, I have been having terrible stomach aches, maybe that's how the cleanse works? Not sure since this is my first time. My husband has had no outcome or anything. I guess I'm taking one for the team!

我的丈夫和我决定做我们的第一次全身清洁,我们选了7天。 它似乎没有为他工作,但它真的为我工作。 第一天然而我感觉?#32531;茫?#25105;几乎没有吃,嘴里一直在浇水,就像我要呕吐一样。 我认为这是我的身体只是使用药片。 我现在很好 让我们来说,这似乎肯定是打我,为我工作。 但是,我一直都有可怕的胃痛,也许这就是清洁剂的工作原理? 不确定,因为这是我的第一次。 我的丈夫没有任何结果或任何东西。 我想我正在为团队服务!

This cleanse is great. There are a packet of vitamins for the morning, and another packet for the evening, and a fiber "shake" to drink with breakfast. Not the best tasting shake, but you can mix it with a shot sized amount of water to get it down fast. I did not follow the diet regime (as I was on the road most of this cleanse) but I did my best. Don't expect to lose weight-- I don't believe this is the goal for this cleanse anyways. This cleaned my gut and enhanced my mood ten fold. Serotonin is produced in your gut so it is vital to take care of this part of your body!! Also remember it is a cleanse!! bowel movements won't always be comfortable as the product helps clean the intestines out. There is also a meal plan included to help you. I highly recommend and I will be purchasing again!

这个清洁是伟大的。 早上有一包维生素,另外还有一个晚上的包,还有一个纤维用“摇”来吃早餐。 不是最好的品尝震动,但是您可以将其与喷射大小的水混合以使其快速下降。 我没有遵循饮食政策(正如我在路上大部分这个清洁),但我尽了最大努力。 不要指望减肥 - 我不认为这是清洁的目标。 这清洁了我的肠道,增强了我?#30007;?#24773;十倍。 5-羟色胺在您的肠道产生,所以重要的是要照顾这部分你的身体! 还记得这是一个清洁! 肠道运动并不总是舒适,因为产品有助于清洁肠道。 还有一个膳食计划包括帮助你。 我强烈推荐,我会再次购买!

I am currently on my 4th day using this product and it works for me. You have to be able to follow the plan people if you want it to work! Even if you have to tweek your meals from whats on the box it can still work. You just have to drink a lot of water. Of course if you don't drink water with it you will not be able to go to the bathroom and that will back you up. You have to eat healthy meals with this cleanse and not Junk, it wont work! I know the 3rd day I and not to sound so gross but I am being honest (My bowel movement was completely healthy and again not to sound so grossed out but it was very long). I was going to the bathroom at the end of the night and going in the morning after taking the p.m. pills. I have high blood pressure and its not interfering with my meds. So I would say this works if you are trying to cleanse yourself from old toxins in your body. If I had to try it again. I would and I would refer someone else to it but you have to drink water with it. Maybe everyone's body type is different and that is why there is different reviews but this works for me. I mean especially after the 3rd night I felt lighter. It really cleaned me out that day


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